We go above and beyond to ensure we provide the best environment.

We have 9 main aims to ensure that our Pre-School is the best for you and your children

These are:

  1. ENVIRONMENT - create a safe, secure and stimulating environment                                        
  2. HEAD START - give children a relaxed, happy and confident start to their pre-school education
  3. CARING - give generous care and attention, due to the high ratio of qualified staff to children, as well as volunteer helpers
  4. BEST CHANCES - give each child the chance to join with other children and adults to live, play, work and learn together
  5. INDIVIDUAL LEARNING -  take each child's learning and development forward by helping to build on what she/he already knows and can do
  6. PERSONAL CARE - allocate each child their own personal key carer who is responsible for monitoring their progress
  7. PARENTS HELP- involve parents as partners in helping each child to learn and develop                                           
  8. EQUALITY - promote equality and value diversity                                                                                                      
  9. THE BEST SERVICE - ensure that parents/carers help to shape the service we offer